Tongkat Ali Myths and Mysteries

Does Tongkat Ali Works? The Benefits, Side Effects and Suggestions

The Tongkat Ali (or Eurycoma longifolia) And a traditional Asian herb from the Southwest that has long been used as a natural aphrodisiac, tonic and full of energy. Like all medicinal plants, there is still much mystery and doubt about the consumption and the effects, however, some information can help those who wish not only to learn about the bitter root, but understand its benefits for the health of those who decide to take it.

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The Tongkat Ali

How does it work

Does Tongkat Ali work?

Myths and mysteries

Collateral damage

The ultimate success: Balance

The Tongkat Ali

Originating in Southeast Asia, this root is native to countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, and it was in these countries that they became known both for their bitter taste and for their potential value as a medicinal herb. In these regions, it is used as a remedy for malaria, aphrodisiac, antidiabetic, and antimicrobial. In some cases, it is even indicated to control cases body temperature and fever, although some of these effects have no scientific evidence and often remain only in the popular imagination.

Some effects, however, are supported by studies: Tongkat Ali works as an enhancer of the number of sperm cells, and an aphrodisiac effect has also been demonstrated. In its region of origin, and it is also used as an additive in coffees and energetic. The problem of counterfeiting and even recurring in Malaysia, where and abundant, so a good advice when it comes to looking for the product and make sure that its provenance, or may be cheated or take it in incorrect doses.

How does it work

Studies show that Tongkat Ali increases the sperm count and testosterone, the male hormone responsible for the libido and the sexual desire of the woman. Other benefits that the increase of testosterone brings are the strengthening of the immune system, the strength, the reduction of body fat, and for those who practice physical activities, increase lean muscle mass and greater post-workout recovery.

One of its components also helps reduce the SHBG (sex hormone binding Carrier globulin), responsible for the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which is also related to the increase in the level of the male hormone.

Does Tongkat Ali work?

According to scientific studies, when taken in the correct dosage with good recommendations, the Tongkat Ali and safe and works with proven effects. In experiments conducted with laboratory rats, the sexual desire of the group in which the Tongkat Ali was applied increases, and their level of ejaculation increased in relation to the period in which the root is not taken.

Myths and Mysteries

Due to its popular effect, many rumors and false news circulating about the root, many of which are generated by the companies that sell the product in an attempt to increase their sales. One of these myths and the quality of Tongkat Ali could vary according to the region in which it was planted.

There is no evidence that this happens, and the only concern regarding the root provenance should be due to many fake-in companies, or sell other herbs instead of increasing their profits at a lower price.

Tongkat Ali works? The benefits, side effects and suggestions

However, it does not matter if the root and the Malaysia or Vietnam, for example, since both have the same composition.

Another common myth in relation to the bitter root and the consistency in which the intake and makes difference in its effect. Unlike many remedies and substances, consumption in fresh, or consume the root in its original form, has the same effect as consuming it in the form of powder, for example, and the natural consumption of the root and even very practiced in their countries source.

What can not be done and mix Tongkat Ali with other herbs, since these will not potentiate or their effects, on the contrary, can jeopardize the result.

Collateral damage

Despite being a natural medicine, Tongkat Ali has contraindications and side effects like any other natural substance. Even if you are sure of its origin and purity, the use of the root can bring side effects such as insomnia, due to its powerful energetic action, and therefore it is not recommended, for example, for those who already suffer from lack of sleep or eat before bedtime. Lack of sleep can still cause even more serious damage to health, and therefore should be avoided to the maximum if you want to follow a healthy lifestyle.

By functioning as a promoter of testosterone levels, the Tongkat Ali can also cause an excessive increase in body temperature – such as one that one feels after practicing physical exercise – which may not be a nuisance during cold days, but It can be easy to detect and uncomfortable for countries like Brazil.

Another factor to pay attention to and that increased testosterone levels can also cause aggression and irritability, as well as an increase in heartbeat and should be avoided in large doses for people with cardiovascular problems or sensitivity.

The ultimate success: Balance

Faced with all the information about the use of Tongkat Ali, so it remains a key: balance. Although it has proven benefits, and it is always good to get a recommendation from a doctor or at least do an initial follow-up before starting treatment with this bitter root and Aphrodisiac.

Get that in certain doses and reliable premises It also helps to have the best possible experience with this remedy, which is used responsibly can bring not only benefits to the love and sexual life, but also increase the energy and disposition those who practice any physical activity.

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