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Brain Pluse IQ | Is it Legitimate- Read Facts Before you Buy

brain plus iqDo you think you have found the perfect “miracle” brain supplement? If you have discovered Brain Plus IQ, you are one of the very first and on the right track. Brain Plus IQ is a recently discovered Nootropic supplement, similar to those in the Racetam family. Although similar in effects, Brain Plus IQ is said to be 1000x stronger than any of the Racetam’s. Well since you have discovered Brain Plus IQ, it will be important to have a guideline about the right Brain Plus IQ dosage. Since it is much more powerful than the others, getting the best benefits will come down to a simple formula. Brain Plus IQ has helped a number of different types of people, from Alzheimer’s patients to recreational users. There are many benefits that Brain Plus IQ can provide, given that the proper Brain Plus IQ dosage guidelines are followed. Some of these benefits include better memory, learning, speaking ability, and positive mood. Its because of supplements like Brain Plus IQ, that so many of us admire nootropics.


A Little Background on Brain Plus IQ

Brain Plus IQ was discovered in a lab like setting in Russia in the late 1990′s. Only being available to purchase for a couple years, it has been gaining rapid popularity. It was first used on people suffering from drug and alcohol brain damage. There were very positive results from the test. Recently research has been performed on patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and even those with depression symptoms. What Brain Plus IQ does in the brain is assist with brain cell growth and repair. Brain Plus IQ has been known as one of the best compounds that help with new and damaged brain cell growth. Because there are so many benefits, its popularity has been growing quite fast. Recently, Brain Plus IQ has been popular among the community of Nootropic users. It has been one of the quickest supplements to leave the shelf and a lot of online health companies are starting to sell it.


What are the Benefits of Taking Brain Plus IQ at the Proper Dosage?

Brain Plus IQ benefits the brain and self in many ways if dosed correctly. There are many studies online that show what kind of benefits Brain Plus IQ has to offer. If you would like to see the studies done on Brain Plus IQ. The main benefits that many users experience are better learning and memory capabilities. Users have found that learning becomes an easier task. This has to do with how Brain Plus IQ effects the signals between the left and right sides of the brain. It allows your brain to form more connections, which boosts problem solving skills and improves reasoning.

Brain Plus IQ is also great for brain health. If your Brain Plus IQ dosage amount is right, then you can experience a healthier brain. Brain Plus IQ allows for damaged and old brain cells to regrow, and at a faster pace then normal. This has been one of the long term effects that Brain Plus IQ can do for the brain.

Brain Plus IQ, being a nootropic, has a very low chance of side effects. There are very few user reports of any side effects at all. This is what really puts Brain Plus IQ in the spot light, compared to prescribed drugs on the market like Adderall.


What is The Proper Brain Plus IQ Dosage That You Should Consider?

Finding the right dose is important for this Nootropic. You can achieve the best results if you find what works for you. Every person’s body and metabolism is different, and it will affect no two people the same. If you are a healthy adult, (you most likely are considering you are reading this article) here is the guide for the proper Brain Plus IQ Dosage:

  • Starting Dose: 10mg taken with Food or Drink Orally (non-alcoholic)

If you are new to Brain Plus IQ, or new to nootropics in general, it is important to start with the lowest recommended dosage. Typical dosing for healthy adults is between 10mg – 40mg per day. This amount can be taken up to 3 times per day, not to go over 100mg per day for new users.


  • Next Step: Wait for 30 minutes. Let Your Brain Plus IQ Dosage Do Its Work

It takes at least 30 minutes for your stomach to break down compounds and release it into your blood. This initial 30 minutes you most likely will not feel effects.

  • Next Step: Wait an additional 30 minutes. Feel The Benefits

In this 30 minute period is when you will most likely be able to feel the beginning effects. This is the period when the active compound has entered your blood stream and will start sending signals to your brain. Different chemical reactions occur and allow for the active compound to start doing its work.

  • Next Step: If you do not feel anything, Do Not Take an Additional Dose Right Away

For some users, it can take time to feel the effects. Some users feel really strong effects with the first 10mg of their Brain Plus IQ dosage! Some users it takes a bit more to kick in. Wait for a couple hours before you take your next dosage (some users will take a half dose an hour after their first one).


brain plus iq

How Many Times To Dose Brain Plus IQ In a Day?

The typical dosing of 10mg to 40mg can be taken up to 3 times a day. Most users will dose Brain Plus IQ twice a day, separated the dosages by a few hours. Experienced users know what Brain Plus IQ dosage works the best for them. This is what the goal is and what we want to achieve. The maximum benefit, with the least amount of the ingredient as possible.

The dosing guide above is not a doctor prescribed official recommendation. Of course with any supplement, you should consult your doctor. This guide is meant for information purposes and reflects what common users do to get the best results.

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